Brooklands Home

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Where Care Comes First


At Brooklands, we have regular visits form a variety of Professionals. Including a Podiatrist, an Optician, an Aromatherapy Practitioner, a Reflexologist and a Hairdresser. We have full time Activity Coordinators enabling and supporting Residents to engage in a wide variety of activities. Brooklands also employs a Beautician who will offer manicures, pedicures and a wide range of other beauty treatments to Residents who wish them.

We have excellent support from Health Care Professionals and actively promote the health and wellbeing of those residing at Brooklands by ensuring all health care needs are met in the fastest possible time frame. We have an excellent working relationship with local GP’s, CPN’s and the many other Professionals required in order to ensure Residents receive the absolute best, most comprehensive care.

We are very proud of our Relatives Support Group, which we run for Relatives and Friends of our Residents. The Group meets bi- monthly.We truly understand the help and support that can be attained through this opportunity to share each other’s experiences and support each other in, what can be, very testing times.


To help  maintain our high standard of care, we have an annual audit, where we ask all our Residents, if appropriate, Residents Relatives and supporting professionals to complete a questionnaire on many aspects of the Home as we understand the value of feedback. We also have an open door policy, in that we are always happy to talk through any matter at the earliest opportunity.

A Home, where the care truly comes first.