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Where Care Comes First



Our main objective at Brooklands is to provide a Home where the standard of care is excellent. Where people are happy, contented and enabled to live life to the fullest. Where there is a warm, friendly atmosphere which brings peace of mind to all.

We ensure that there is a philosophy of care where Residents are treated as we would wish for ourselves and our loved ones. The right to privacy is upheld. Independence is encouraged. People are treated with dignity at all times. The choices of those in our care are paramount. The individual’s rights are upheld and those residing at the Home are enabled at every turn, we understand the importance of making each person feel worthwhile and included.

We provide a safe and secure Home which is well equipped and maintained, ensuring that the welfare of all Residents, staff and visitors is valued and promoted.

Staff are supported and trained to meet the needs of all Residents and the ethos of the Home and to provide excellent, empathic care at all times.


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