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At Brooklands we employ full time Activity Coordinators who  understand the importance of providing a diverse range of activities in order to accommodate the hugely varied, eclectic tastes and requirements of all the individuals residing at the Home. Activities such as gardening, painting and crafting are offered to those that wish to join in. We also have a wide variety of trips out. Our Activity Coordinators actively encourage and enable those with specific  interests to continue in their particular enjoyed pastimes and hobbies, being respectful of the great benefits that continuing with these interests bring in promoting the all-round wellbeing of the individual.

Brooklands has a varied and eclectic entertainment programme. Musicians and Singers visit the Home regularly. Dancing is very much encouraged and very much enjoyed by Residents and staff alike. Choirs also attend the Home. Other Performers and Entertainers visit the Home, also offering smaller group sessions and even one to one.

At Brooklands great care is taken to offer those with faith in all religions to be enabled to continue to practise as they wish. A Church service is held on the first Friday of every month. The local Catholic Priest makes regular visits and representatives of all faiths and denominations are welcome to attend in order to give  respectful provision to all who reside at the Home.